Students from Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School earn Academic H honors

A total of 51 students from Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School were recognized with Academic H honors during a ceremony in late December. The honor went to high school students who earned a 90 or higher average in every quarter of the 2020-21 school year.

“The Academic H is our way of acknowledging your commitment to scholarship,” said principal Mary Tomaso. “Your self-discipline and dedication to learning are personal qualities that will serve you well in your future.”

During the ceremony, students also heard from 2014 graduate, Rachel Roberts, who currently works as a computer programmer for Goldman Sachs in New York City. Tomaso said she is proof of what she always tells people: Herkimer graduates do great things.

The following students earned honors:

10th Grade

  • Christian Allen
  • Arrissa Bunker
  • Zoey Caldwell
  • John Campagna
  • Kyle Carney
  • Jayden Crandall
  • Danielle Gilbert
  • Julieghanna  Herringshaw
  • Nicholas Lamanna
  • Cassandra Larzelere
  • Julian Ruffule
  • Dirk Salamon
  • Victoria Stapf
  • Cameron Voce
  • Leslie Xiao
  • Don Zhao
11th Grade

  • Hannah Allison
  • Kendall Biamonte
  • Penelope Boncella
  • Bailey Bray
  • Melia Couchman
  • Anthony DeMars
  • Bella Denapole
  • Emily Herringshaw
  • Jacob Lamanna
  • Lilliana Langdon
  • Joshua Leskovar
  • Abigail Polus
  • Jenna Riesel
  • lzabella Vredenburg
  • Lyla Williams
  • Oksana Yudchits
  • Ann Zhao
12th Grade

  • Chase Arabia-Everson
  • Emmi Baker
  • Joshua Baldwin
  • Kassidy Brown
  • Rylee Crandall
  • Destiny Filkins
  • Daniel Gallagher
  • Nicole Geter
  • Bailey Harrer
  • Grace Kelly
  • Nicholas Lyga
  • Kalista Maiorano
  • Jaxson Manning
  • Kaitlynn Ovitt
  • Caroline Pontius
  • Faith Renodin
  • Angela Wekelo
  • Hannah Whaley




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