Instructional Technology & Support

The Instructional Technology & Support Department consists of a team of innovative individuals who specialize in the integration of technological resources into the instructional curriculum and the support of those resources. The ITS department provides professional development, instructional resources and support for educators to help them successfully integrate technology into a standards-based curriculum.


The mission of the Instructional Technology Department at Herkimer CSD is to encourage and support transformative uses of technology that promote student learning through best teaching practices in accordance with the Common Core State Standards.


The vision of the Instructional Technology Department is to work closely with the curriculum department, the professional learning department, the information technology department, administrators and teachers to plan for the integration of technology into all facets of the curriculum and learning environment.

To promote a culture of transformative uses of technology where all Herkimer CSD staff, teachers and students use relevant and innovative digital tools, we will promote, provide and support:

  • Online learning opportunities for teachers and students.
  • Access to high quality digital content.
  • Safe online environments and responsible digital citizenship.
  • Equity and accessibility.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge technology and digital media.

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