Grade 6 students utilize Google Maps to study ancient Rome geography

Grade 6 social studies students in Amanda Turnbull’s class are studying the geography of ancient Rome in a new way this year. The students are utilizing Google My Maps to create “pins” that help them identify and research important geographical points in Rome.

“With the majority of learning taking place on a Chromebook this year, any activities we’ve done in the past have had to become digital. Rather than using a digital platform as simply a substitution for paper, I wanted to take this opportunity to redefine these learning activities to enhance student learning,” Turnbull said.

The activity is completely customizable for each student, at any level, Turnbull said, and students are creating their own Google Map and highlighting the same content; but through a different lens.

Each student has been customizing their own map during the activity, which means they curate the content they include on their map, so no two maps will be the same. The students can also publish their maps to the Internet.

“We will be adding to these maps continuously throughout the unit, making a holistic creation by the end of the unit,” Turnbull added.
Student Nate Rowley said he’s loves using Google Maps as a part of his learning.

“You can see things you’ve never seen before and then learn and write about it,” he said. “It’s a fun way to learn.”

Here are some links to student projects:

Check out some pictures of the students work below.

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