Academic achievements honored with awards

Herkimer High School’s highest achievers were honored on Thursday night in a virtual Academic Achievement Awards ceremony. A video of the ceremony is available for parents and guardians upon request.

The online ceremony brought together students and their families to honor students for academic success. In addition to recognizing students who received undergraduate awards in the spring, the ceremony also honored inductees to the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, and the Academic “H” award.

A featured speaker was Elise Davis, Herkimer High School Class of 2017, who is studying child psychology at Utica College. She spoke to students about how the experiences she had at HHS prepared her for life and work after high school.

“The skills that I learned at Herkimer, I definitely carried through at Utica and will carry through in the future,” Elise Davis told the students, adding, “One of my favorite things about Herkimer was the sense of community.”

Membership in the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society is based on the same selection process, for different grade levels. National Honor Society is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors; Junior Honor Society, for Grades 8 and 9.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors who have at least a 90% cumulative average are invited to apply for National Honor Society. Students who apply are asked to provide information about their school and community activities, and leadership roles, to demonstrate service, leadership and character. Faculty review these applications to determine membership.

The Academic H award is given to any student who has earned a grade point average of 90 or above every quarter.

The qualifications for undergraduate awards vary, depending on the award. Generally speaking, these awards recognize academic achievement, service to school and community, and leadership.

The students whose achievements were recognized on Thursday are listed below. Students who were inducted into the NHS and NJHS can access slideshow presentations with videos of each inductee.

National Honor Society inductees

Joshua Baldwin, Ariel Bell, Kassidy Brown, Rylee Crandall, Chase Everson, Nicole Geter, Bailey Harrer, Nicholas Lyga, Jaxson Manning, Joaquin Nietes, Caroline Pontius, Faith Renodin and Elisa Xiao.

National Junior Honor Society inductees

Christian Allen, Davis Bass, Althea Brown, Zoey Caldwell, John Campagna, Kyle Carney, Lindsey Carpenter, Alex Collis, Jayden Crandall, Danielle Gilbert, Jesse Grimes, Juleighanna Herringshaw, Nicholas Lamanna, Cassandra Larzelere, Peter Mosny, Julian Ruffule, Dirk Salamon, Victoria Stapf, Cameron Voce and Ethan Weisser.

Academic H honorees

10th grade: Hannah Allison, David Bass, Kendall Biamonte, Penelope Boncella, Bailey Bray, Melia Couchman, Anthony DeMars, Bella Denapole, Julia Dorantes, Madison Gargas, Emily Herringshaw, Jacob Lamanna, Lilliana Langdon, Caden Marusic, Abigail Polus, Jenna Riesel, Izabella Vredenburg, Caitlyn Vriesen, Lyla Williams, Oksana Yudchits and Ann Zhao.

11th grade: Chase Arabia-Everson, Emmi Baker, Joshua Baldwin, Rylee Crandall, Cheyenne Garlock, Nicole Geter, Bailey Harrer, Jaxson Manning, Kaitlyn Ovitt, Caroline Pontius, Angela Wekelo and Hannah Whaley.

12th grade: Ariel Bell, Kara Boehm, Charlotte Boncella, Abigail Boyles, Natalie Crane, Emilee Davis, Ariana Huhko, Marion Leskovar, Dante Mergenthaler, Kristine Nietes, Aidan Ploss, Jesse Richard, Dani Lee Rivett, Gianna Rizza, Spencer Stallman, Emily Temple, Kayleigh Voce, Sara Warner, Ella Wilcox and Elisa Xiao.

Underclassman awards (Spring 2020)

  • George Eastman Young Leaders award: Kristine Nietes
  • LeMoyne College Heights Award: Kayleigh Voce
  • Clarkson University Leadership Award: Ariana Huhko
  • RIT Computing Award: Dante Mergenthaler
  • St. Michael’s College Book Academic w/a Social Conscience Award: Alexandra O’Hara and Gianna Rizza
  • Bausch and Lomb Award: Marion Leskovar
  • Clarkson University Achievement Award: Charlotte Boncella
  • RIT Computing Award: Dante Mergenthaler
  • St. Michael’s College Book Academic w/a Social Conscience Award: Alexandra O’Hara and Gianna Rizza
  • HCSD Board of Education Awards: Joshua Leskovar, Caroline Pontius and Myah Reed
  • Elmira College Key Award: Abigail Boyles and Aidan Ploss
  • Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Ella Wilcox
  • Keuka College George H. Ball Community Achievement Award: Ariel Bell, Ava Lanaux, Jesse Richard, Dani Lee Rivett and Sara Warner
  • RIT Innovation and Creativity Award: Ella Wilcox
  • Ralph. D. and Mary Moore Prize: Izabella Vredenburg
  • University of Rochester Xerox Award: Spencer Stallman
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