Lead testing performed districtwide

Herkimer Central School District is committed to protecting the health of the students, teachers, and staff and community members who use our facilities. Herkimer Central School District receives its water from the village of Herkimer and their annual testing has consistently revealed that our water quality is free from any harmful levels of contaminants. We are grateful to the village for their fine service relating to our municipal water.

The district’s water is safe.  Of the 263 samples tested, only 25 showed levels higher than the EPA’s action level of 0.15 mg/l. In other words, 89.48% of the water outlets tested did not have any lead problems.

The outlet with the highest lead level was 379 in the bathroom of Room 178 at the High School. The majority of the outlets that tested high are in science rooms at the High School. These outlets have been posted and taken out of service. The district is in the process of replacing them with new lead-free fixtures.

In response to these results, the district will be conducting follow-up testing, as per testing protocol, to confirm that the lead levels in the water at these locations are below the EPA Action limit.

The district is very pleased with the results of this testing. It confirms that our water is safe for our school community. We are committed to future testing to assure this quality and safety are maintained.

The testing was coordinated by the Safety Service of Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton Otsego BOCES and completed by pace Analytical of Melville. Additional information about lead testing, and prior test results, can be found on the district’s Lead Testing page.

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