District to test for lead in 2020

Herkimer Central School District will test all water outlets districtwide for the presence of lead in 2020.

With recent news of lead in tap water affecting some Herkimer residents, the district seeks to reassure parents, students and staff that the district’s water outlets are tested regularly and taken offline for remediation if lead levels exceed the “action level” established by New York state.

The district began testing water for lead in 2016, following the passage of state legislation that requires all school districts to remediate any outlets with lead levels greater than 15 parts per billion.

While initial testing did identify some outlets within the school district that were above the “action level” of 15 ppb, the district has since replaced the plumbing on the affected outlets, and each of the outlets has since tested below the “action level.” Complete test results are available on the district’s Lead Testing page.

A new round of testing will be performed on all water outlets districtwide in 2020 as part of the district’s continuing compliance with state regulations.

While no date has been set yet for the testing, results will be made available on the district website once they are received by the district.

Parents with questions about water safety can contact the district office at (315) 866-2230.

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