Grade 8 science students hone critical thinking and problem solving skills during egg drop project

The students in Rachael Witter’s grade 8 physical science class recently took part in a hands-on project where they learned through discovery. Instead of applying concepts they already learned, they were given 15 straws, 10 popsicle sticks and 3 feet of scotch tape.

The goal: protect an egg dropped from the top of a staircase.

“The idea of this lesson was for the students to discover and conclude parts of Newton’s Laws of motion,” Witter said.

“They also had to use critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving skills to make their contraptions. The students quickly figured out what factors they needed to think about to keep their egg intact using the materials provided.”

About 80 students participated in the activity. Witter said students always like hands-on activities where they can demonstrate their learning.

“Hands-on activities also give them a sense of normalcy. They were also excited to work with their classmates and learn through doing,” she added.


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