Herkimer students participate in BOCES honors programs

A writing flyerStudents from both the Elementary and Jr./Sr. High School participated in various honors programs at Herkimer BOCES recently.

About eight students from grade 4 participated in the “Birds of Prey’ program with presenter Cynthia Page, and learned about various types of birds and their habitats. Page brought in multiple owls and a turkey vulture, and students spent time sketching the birds and researching them on Chromebooks.

Additionally, eight students from grade 3 participated in a storytelling program with Regi Carpenter, where they heard multiple stories and used their imagination to help create their own work. And in another program aimed at grade 4 students, Randy Phillips presented on the Oneida Indians. Students learned words from the Oneida language and viewed a variety of artifacts. The students also created crafts to take home.

On the high school level, students between grades 9-12 attended a program called “Writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi,” presented by Bruce Coville. During this program, students met with the presenter and discussed how to write a variety of genres. They then utilized plot and character in their own writing.

Each student also received an autographed book with a variety of short stories written by the presenter.



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