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Jordan Heath is a 2009 graduate of Herkimer High School.

Stay in touch with your teachers. They are invaluable resources.

What’s your favorite high school memory? 

I really loved all of high school, but I can say all the bonfires at Brookwood Park. After the homecoming parade, we’d bring all the floats to the park.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I moved to New York City and attended Manhattan College where I was student body president, and I worked at the American Red Cross. I worked at Tesla Motors before Model S and X were on the road, and I got to represent Model X at the Detroit Auto Show. One fun fact that really sticks out to me is that the prototype was duct taped together. I moved back upstate, and I’ve been working on some really cool projects ever since. I’ve worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors, and owned my own event and design business. Now I’m a virtual entrepreneur working with Herkimer 9 and several non-profits.

Did anyone from Herkimer Central School District influence you in becoming who you are today?

O yes. Everyone. Every teacher I had was really phenomenal. Mr. Lanz was influential. One of his best quotes was “moderation, moderation, moderation, even moderation.” Also, Mr. Mitchell and Miss R. She is missed. I also want to thank Mrs. Getman and Toby Jacobs.

What advice do you have for current Herkimer High School students?

Stay in touch with your teachers. They are invaluable resources. Also, bring a blanket in your locker so you can have a picnic on nice days during lunch (April 23 was National Picnic Day).

What else would you like to add?

I’ve met a lot people in my life both in the past and the present who’ve gotten me to where I am today and I encourage everyone to find a mentor to look up to. I’d like to thank my friends and family, and my partner, Steven.

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