Spotlight on: Leah Zorn

“I come from a long line of Herkimer graduates, so my roots run deep at HHS. I feel connected to the school that provided me with so many wonderful opportunities and memories, and in turn, I try to pass my enthusiasm for being a Magician onto my students.”

Spotlight on: Zachary Steele

“Being able to positively impact the lives of students in the same school where so many teachers and staff members helped me grow as an individual is an amazing full circle experience.”

Spotlight on: Brianne Bello

“The chance to be part of a school community that has impacted my life in such positive ways is something that I will always be grateful for. I hope to do the same for others as what was done for me in my time here both growing up and as an adult.”

Spotlight on: Dan Appley

“The most exciting thing about returning to work at Herkimer is having a chance to impact the youth and community that I grew up in, in a positive way.”

Spotlight on: Amanda Johnson

“I have had amazing teachers over the years who made school fun and exciting, and I want to create those experiences for my students.”

Spotlight on: Carolyn Saugh

“I have experienced HHS as a student, as a parent and now as a staff member! I am excited to be a “Magician” again!”

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