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The Herkimer Central School District Spotlight showcases student, graduate and staff member successes.

Susan Hildreth is a librarian, graduate professor, Aspen Fellow and treasurer of the American Library Association.

What year did you graduate from Herkimer?

1968 — (I am) coming to Herkimer for our 50th reunion at the end of August.

What’s your favorite high school memory?

I had a great time being involved in a number of school activities – the candy sale that supported exchange students, prom committee, chorus and girl’s singing group. I learned in my classes but also gained much experience in my school activities.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I knew that I wanted a profession as a librarian and went to Syracuse University for my undergraduate studies. I received a master’s in library science from SUNY Albany and also received an MBA from Rutgers University while I was working in my first professional librarian position. I moved to California in 1980 and have worked primarily in public libraries at the local, state and federal level throughout my career with a recent stint at the University of Washington as a professor of practice working with graduate library students.

Did anyone from Herkimer Central School District influence you in becoming who you are today?

Good question. My Latin teacher (Mrs. Myers, I think) allowed me to take Latin II and III at the same time. This was pretty challenging but she supported me in developing my language abilities. I know very few students take Latin today, but that language is the basis for all the Romance languages and others as well. Her confidence in my ability supported my confidence as a student.

What advice do you have for current Herkimer High School students?

Find something that you care about — where you have passion — and figure out how you can either work in that field or incorporate your passion into your life. Focus on your classes and also on student activities, volunteer opportunities and some work experience. Keep your heart and mind open to lots of change — be flexible and enthusiastic, and you will succeed!

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