‘Penny War’ raises funds for veterans

A war broke out at Herkimer Elementary this fall, but there were no losers: only winners.

The HES Student Council organized a “Penny War,” which waged throughout November, with each grade level competing to raise money to help area veterans.

In a “penny war,” pennies count as positive points, but silver coins and cash count as negative points. The “war” encourages students to make large donations of silver coins and dollars to other grade levels that will “subtract” points from that grade.

In the end, the school raised $836.82 through donations, which was given to the Ilion Legion Auxiliary Post 920. The Legion Post purchases items such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, combs, hats, blankets, slippers and other personal care items for the Veterans Administration in Syracuse.

Grade-level results were as follows:

Grade Pennies Silver Dollars Total
Pre-K $14.53 $23.75 $2.00 -$11.22
K $31.32 $41.25 $3.00 -$12.95
1 $28.91 $52.25 $3.00 -$26.34
2 $53.62 $70.90 $12.00 -$29.28
3 $87.26 $101.50 $13.00 -$27.24
4 $84.57 $62.30 $16.00 $6.27
5 $57.26 $70.40 $8.00 -$21.25
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