School meals free to all students

All Herkimer Central School District students can enjoy cafeteria meals free of charge. This program is free and open to all students, at all grade levels. Students can order meals at the start of each school day when they are in the building. Breakfast is served in the classroom, with “to-go” meals provided at the end of the school day.

While no application is required for the free school meals this year, we do ask that all families complete and return the Free and Reduced-Price Lunch form as soon as possible. The information provided by these forms unlocks critical state and federal funding, including state aid and access to federal programs such as Title I.

Filling out the Free and Reduced form, and participating in the school meal program, are two important ways you can help your school.

Why are meals free to all?

During the school closure period, the district was able to provide more than 83,000 meals to Herkimer CSD students and their families (close to 62,000 meals between March and June, and another 21,744 in July and August) at no charge through the Summer Food Service Program. This federally funded program ensures that students can continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.

Normally, these programs end in the fall when school is back in session. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this federal program has been extended.

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