Students use “book bento” format for book reports

Sixth grade students in Ms. Bello’s and Mrs. Jory’s class recently completed book reports using a more visual format.

Bello first taught a lesson on the structure of a “book bento,” which are visual representations of a book that reflect parts of the story or representations of a theme or concept. Students then checked out books based on their interests, and followed a timeline for when pages needed to be read and when the bento items needed to be chosen.

The students also collaborated with Mr. Mathy to 3-D printing some items for their project.

“The goal of the project was to get students reading for enjoyment and presenting their book in a non-traditional way that involved their sense of creativity,” Jory said.

“The sixth graders are looking forward to their next reading project and collaborating with Ms. Bello.”

Please see some pictures of the book bento reports below.

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