Third grade students become “realtors” during project

A realtor listing of students houses
A listing of houses provided by student “realtors,” for a project where they learned how to calculate area.

How much is my home worth?

That’s the question the 13 students in Ryan Judd’s third grade asked during a recent project where acted like realtors of the fictional company “Judd Real Estate.”

But before they did, the students learned how to find the area of a regular and/or irregular shapes using square and standard units of measurement, and the area formula. For a final project, students designed and configured an area within their homes and then calculated the total area of the home.

The students then became realtors where they priced their home based on the value of what they felt it was worth.

Judd also created a poll for students and staff within the building where they could make a bid on the homes.

He said his students enjoyed the concept of relating math to the real world.

“I personally feel many of my students have had a stronger understanding and outcome when I am able to relate a concept or skill to the real world,” he said.

“Overall, this project has had a positive outcome on my students’ engagement and learning experiences within the classroom, and it has helped community engagement within our building.”

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