Spotlight on: Lynnsey Buckley

Herkimer 10th grade ELA teacher Lynnsey Buckley

Leading into and through the start of the 2023-24 school year for students, we are featuring new teachers and staff at Herkimer Central School District in the “Spotlight.” Today, the Spotlight is on Lynnsey Buckley, who joins the district as a 10th grade English language arts teacher.


Spotlight on: Lynnsey Buckley
10th Grade ELA Teacher


Q. What date did you start in the new role?

A. The beginning of this school year


Q. What is your background experience that led to this position?

A. I received my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with a minor in English and decided to pursue education of adolescent English in my master’s program. I long-term subbed at Herkimer two years ago, worked with eighth graders at West Canada Valley last year and am back at Herkimer this year!


Q. What makes you excited about working in your new role at Herkimer CSD?

A. Having briefly worked at Herkimer before, I know all of the amazing things that the district has to offer. The administration and teachers are amazing, well-versed in their areas and always willing to help.


Q. When did you first know you wanted become a teacher and what made you feel that way?

A. I had always considered teaching as a profession, but it wasn’t until I did my internship in college, at a children’s museum, that I really decided to take the steps necessary to pursue it as a career.


Q. What do you think makes Herkimer CSD special?

A. The administration, the opportunities and services provided for students, and the staff.


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