Spotlight on: Tekitha Posey

Eighth grade physical science teacher Tekitha Posey

Leading into and through the start of the 2023-24 school year for students, we are featuring new teachers and staff at Herkimer Central School District in the “Spotlight.” Today, the Spotlight is on Tekitha Posey, who joins the district as an eighth grade physical science teacher.


Spotlight on: Tekitha Posey
Eighth Grade Physical Science Teacher


Q. What date did you start in the new role?

A. August of 2023.


Q. What is your background experience that led to this position?

A. I have my bachelor’s in biochemistry from Utica University and worked within the pharmaceutical industry for a few years. I decided that I wanted to work in a setting with more people and make a bigger impact on the upcoming generations. This led me back to Utica University to receive my master’s in education, which I am currently completing.


Q. What makes you excited about working in your new role at Herkimer CSD?

A. I am excited to start my new role at Herkimer because this is a great atmosphere, and my coworkers have been extremely helpful and welcoming. I cannot wait to meet my students and share my love for science with them.


Q. When did you first know you wanted become a teacher and what made you feel that way?

A. My grandma was a teacher and professor most of my life, and seeing the impact she had on her students and how enthusiastic she was about going to work, made it easy for me to realize this was something I wanted to do as well.


Q. What do you think makes Herkimer CSD special?

A. I think Herkimer CSD is special because of the students. The students are what give a school its culture, variety and overall atmosphere.



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