Grade 6-8 students presented with character awards

Students in grades 6-8 were recently presented with character awards. The awards included:

  • Citizenship Award: Given to a student that has shown positive attitude and strength of character.
  • Perseverance Award: A student is recognized for their sustained grit. Staying with the task and not giving up, being patient and continuously working hard.
  • The Presence Award (7th and 8th graders): A student that was consistently present in person as well as virtually during the 3rd marking period.
  • Jr. High Magician Award: Given to two students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade that have demonstrated excellent effort throughout the quarter.

The award winners

  • Citizenship Award: Bianca Barreto, Sydney Bell, Nolan Berberick, Ethan Berg, Victoria Brinkerhoff, Madelyn Collis, Nathan Crane, Chloe Danielski, Isabella Filipzcuk, Isabella Maass, Trissa Maine, Michael Miller, Dubhlainn Mullin, Xavier Palmieri, Gage Pendolf, Melinda Poplawski, Myila Randt, Anjali Saugh, Azeliah Saunders, Markeya Smith, Kaitlyn Tutty, Ariana Verenich, Vanessa Verenich, and Alexander Yudchits.
  • Perseverance Award: Katie Batara, Caitlin Berg, Danny Bleaking, Arriana Boyd, LeAndra Castle, Aleah Chabrier, JayMike Crichton, Conner Dager, Tyler Hansen, Aarron Howard, Brendon Kent, Santino Luce, Max Migliore, Bryce Montana, Chase Pettengill, MadiLynn Retamar, Maya Saugh, Wendy Sill, Nikita Sill, Hanna Ubele, Madysen Ward, Cadence Weaver, Havonna White, and Johnny Xiao.
  • The Presence Award: Chase Allen, Sophia Blais, Amelia Brown, Harmony Fratangelo, Elaina Jerig, Gracielynn Johnson, Jack Kozma, Shane Maxon, Steven Naegele, Jack Nevills, Logan Palmer, Zachary Petucci, Logan Pullman, Daniel Stoffalano, Anna Verenich, and Samantha Williams.
  • Jr. High Magician Award: Katelyn Carney, Brian Flint, Trissa Maine, Anna Marquissee, Audrey McDonnell, Russell Stapf, and Christopher Winters.
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