Magician’s News puts students in the spotlight

Looking for the latest news about Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School? The Magician’s News is here to help.

Kelli Shepardson’s seventh-grade students have recorded their first episode of a video news program featuring interviews with teachers and more.

Miss Shepardson said her students approached her with the idea to produce a newscast, and she helped them plan and create their first video.

“They came up with the idea, they came up with the segments — really, all I did was help schedule the interviews, and helped them with some editing this first time around,” Miss Shepardson explained.

In the video, her students interview Ms. Bello about library books and get an inspirational quote from Mr. Murphy. They also told some jokes with Mrs. Jory, did a Tech Tools segment featuring Sphero robots, and gave a preview of the upcoming middle school Spirit Week themes. The 5-minute video ended with a short blooper reel.

“They really like using tech,” Miss Shepardson said, adding that the students enjoyed using the Maker Space to record segments of their video.

The project also gave students the chance to work independently and in small groups and, Miss Shepardson said, she hopes it will help build a feeling of school culture for the middle school.

“We plan on continuing it through the school year, with a new episode every two weeks,” Miss Shepardson said. To make sure you don’t miss the next installment, subscribe to Miss Shepardson’s YouTube channel.

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