Spotlight on: Carolyn Saugh

School counselor Carolyn Saugh in her office

Herkimer Central School District is starting off this school year by focusing the Spotlight Q&A feature on Herkimer CSD alumni who are giving back to the school community by working in the district as teachers or staff.

Spotlight on: Carolyn Saugh
School Counselor (Grades 9-12)

“I have experienced HHS as a student, as a parent and now as a staff member! I am excited to be a “Magician” again!”


Q. What year did you graduate from Herkimer?

A. I graduated from Herkimer High School in the year of 2000!


Q. What’s your favorite high school memory?

A. I truly enjoyed my high school years at HHS! I do not just have one memory that is my favorite, but I always loved the sense of community, connectedness and pride we had! So many fun traditions such as sporting events, dances, field trips and class projects.


Q. What led you to become a school counselor?

A. During high school, I knew I wanted to work in education but knew I did not want to be a classroom teacher. I was a part of a peer mediation program, a member of the Student Council and I volunteered in the Guidance Office – which allowed me to see different things my school counselor did each day. Staying involved and trying to make a difference in my school helped guide me into the direction of school counseling.


Q. What else have you been doing between when you graduated from Herkimer and now?

A. I worked as a school counselor for 16 years in a different district but made the decision to return to HHS and serve the students in my own hometown community! I have three children (ages 15, 12 and 8). I love to go on adventures, but they must meet certain criteria: sun, sand and family time!


Q. Did anyone from Herkimer Central School District influence you in becoming who you are today?

A. Herkimer has always had some fantastic educators and programs that did make a difference in who I am today! I cannot mention just one because all of my teachers had their own strengths that I have learned from. I am excited to be working alongside some of my former teachers!


Q. What makes you most excited about returning to Herkimer as a school counselor?

A. I volunteered in the Herkimer Guidance Office when I was in high school, I completed my internship in this same office and always appreciated all that the Herkimer Central School District has to offer! I have experienced HHS as a student, as a parent and now as a staff member! I am excited to be a “Magician” again!


Q. What advice do you have for current Herkimer students?

A. Work hard, HAVE FUN, make memories, do not stress!!


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