English 9

English 9 is a literature-based course in which students analyze various novels, plays, short stories, and poems. Works are explored through discussions and writing assignments. Oral expression is addressed in the form of speeches, debates, and oral presentations. Extensive reading and writing is a requirement, as well as completing a research paper. Students will also read novels independently. This course is required for graduation.

English 10

(Prerequisite: English 9)

The goals of English 10 are to increase students’ skills in reading and writing, to prepare English 10 students for the eleventh grade ELA Common Core Regents and to encourage an appreciation of literature and an interest in writing. Students read, interpret and discuss various literary genres: plays, short stories, poetry and novels. There is an emphasis on reading comprehension and also relating relevant themes to the students’ lives. Vocabulary and grammar are studied in the context of the literature read. Through writing journals, poems, essays and a short story, writing fluency and writing skills are encouraged. A mandatory research paper teaches the students the process of constructing a research paper. This course is required for graduation.

English 11 (Regents Exam required)

(Prerequisite: English 10)

Survey course in American Literature from early American writers to the present day. Analysis of this literature and its themes through a variety of methods -–cooperative learning, research on literary criticism and classroom discussions. Also, there will be an emphasis on writing in this class, both on the literature we read and for the English Language Arts Exam given during the junior year. A research paper is REQUIRED for this class. This course is required for graduation.

English 12 (College Now)

(Prerequisite: English 11)

An overview of British Literature with special attention to Chaucer, Medieval literature, Shakespeare and Victorian authors. In the fall, special attention will be given to college application essays. Writing skills will be refined for all students. A special unit including the world of work will be included where resumes, interviews, and business letters will be covered. This course is required for graduation.

Satirical Literature (½ year)

Survey course that will explore various literary works of satire with the goal of understand why satire exists, its function, and its efficacy. Many authors and genres will be explored with a special focus on Kurt Vonnegut.

Creative Writing (½ year)

Creative Writing is designed to encourage students to write in various forms, with increased diversity and creativity.  Some of the writing that students will complete includes journals, short stories, poems, and songs.  Students will compile portfolios and will edit and revise their own and other’s work. Grades will be based on these finished portfolios, as well as students’ participation and effort in class.

Public Speaking (College Now) (½ year )

Grades 10-12

This course is designed to develop the student’s skill in oral rhetoric. Emphasis is on research, organization and presentation of speeches that inform and persuade. Delivery, style and audience analysis are stressed. Extemporaneous speeches are evaluated by the group.

Mythology (½ year)

This course aims to understand cultures basic needs for mythology. Students will be exposed to a variety of cultures and their myths, potentially investigating Native American, Sumerian, Celtic, Indian, Asian, and African myths with special focus on Greek and Norse myths. Each student will have the choice of developing their own myth or writing a research paper as a culminating project.

Harry Potter and the Heroic Life Pattern (½ year)

Prerequisite: English 9

Examine the famous septology by J.K. Rowling as well as the films through the lens of the heroic life pattern, philosophy, and common archetypes. Intensive reading and some creative writing involved.

Science Fiction (½ year)

This course will serve as a survey of the genre of Science Fiction starting with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and continuing through modern Sci-Fi. Students will discuss, read, and write about Science Fiction, in alignment with the Common Core Standards for ELA. In addition, the class with view film adaptations of classic Science Fiction literature.

English Seminar (full year/1 credit)

Prerequisite: English 9

Do you English? (Did you catch that ironic example?)
English Seminar will be a full year elective taught by all four high school English teachers, one per quarter. Topics will range across genres and themes. However, this will be an honors level endeavor that pushes skill levels, creativity, and critical thinking.

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