Drawing and Design for Production

The student will use traditional drawing tools and the computer to solve technical problems. The students will study multi view, pictorial, and developmental drawings. They will construct models to test their designs. This is an entry-level course and requires no prior courses or experiences. The students will be doing individual and group projects. This course is recommended for students interested in the fields of Math, Science, or the Engineering fields. . This course requires all students to become proficient in the use and understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher. This course meets the fine arts and computer credit for all students.

Creative Wood (1/2 year)

The student will study designs and build products through the use of traditional materials processes and practices. The student may solve technical design problems using wood, metal or plastics. This course is very traditional hands on activities in its nature and approach.

Basic Home Repair (1/2 year)

Whether you live in an apartment, dorm room, or house, you will need to make repairs at some point. This ½ credit 20-week course is designed for students to gain experience in basic home repair in areas like refinishing, light construction, plumbing, and masonry – electrical and other minor home repairs. Hands on approach with students working individually or in groups.

Principles of Engineering

(Can be used as third credit in Math) 

Principles of Engineering is a survey course about topics in engineering. The course focuses on learning through the engineering design process. A few major projects will include bridge building, rocketry, electricity, and allow for students to do a project in a field of their choosing.

Metals (1/2 year)

This course covers the basic processes in metal work. Students will be exposed to heating, bending, cutting, shaping and polishing metal along with the machines and tools used for this — milling machines, lathes and hand tools. Sheet metal work, forging, turning iron work are project areas to be included along with the measuring tools used for metal work.

New Media (1/2 year)

Grades 10-12 

Students will be creating and publishing original content in a variety of media forms for an authentic audience. Students will explore but not be limited to: Website design, Journalism, Graphic design, Video, Digital photography, Social media. The New Media course students will problem solve, challenge, collaborate, design and create innovative projects. Student experiences will be across a full spectrum of digital products and interfaces.

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