Health and Fitness

Health (1/2 year)

This class follows the state requirement for graduation. Through interactive discussions, activities, use of periodicals and the textbook the following topics will be covered: Nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, mental health, human sexuality, HIV/AIDS and other current issues.

Physical Education

(Required every year)

The physical education program, together with the health education and safety education program, provides opportunities for students to achieve the skills, knowledge, and the attitudes that will allow them to attain an optimal quality of life and well being. Physical education is taught within a curricular framework that focuses on the physical activities, skills, and attitudes that will prepare students to function effectively in a changing society.

Driver Education (1/2 year)

(MUST have driving permit BEFORE class begins) 

There are two sections of class: Classroom and road. In the classroom section, six areas are covered: Rules and Regulations, seatbelt use, special driving situations, effects of vision and hearing on driving, buying and insuring a vehicle, car maintenance, effects of drinking and drugs on driving. In the Road section of the class, students will prepare themselves and vehicle to drive, normal city driving skills, country driving, highway driving, maneuvers, commentary driving, handling road emergencies, and preparing for the NYS road test.

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