Student Policies


Students have the option to order a lunch in the morning which they will take home with them at the end of the day.  The lunch will be delivered to their classroom prior to dismissal. Each day, students have a choice between a featured entree, peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a featured sandwich.

Students are assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the SNAP system, which keeps track of your child’s breakfast and lunch spending, including what items they purchased. You may contact the cafeteria directly at 866-8562, extension 1037, for information regarding your child’s account.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the school’s cafeteria services, please call the Food Service Director, Mr. Thomas Pfisterer at 738-0848.

Non-Resident Students

The parents/guardians of students who do not live in the Herkimer Elementary School District (HCSD) must obtain ANNUAL permission for their children to continue at Herkimer Elementary School.

Each year you must make a written request to the Superintendent of HCSD prior to the close of the school year if you wish for them to continue in HCSD.  The letter should be written to

Mr. Robert Miller, Superintendent
801 West German Street
Herkimer, New York 13350

Continued attendance in our school district will be strictly governed by the practices and policies of the HCSD.

In addition, it should also be understood that as a non-resident student, the student and the parents/guardians must assume responsibility for daily transportation to and from school.

Destruction of Property

Students who destroy school property will be responsible for reimbursing HCSD for the cost.  This includes, but is not limited to, books, paper towel holders, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, classroom equipment, and bus seats.  Checks should be made payable to the Herkimer Central School District.

Phone Calls Home

Although we try to keep outside calls to a minimum, on occasion it is necessary for a student to call home for various reasons. Students will not be allowed to use the school phone to make after-school arrangements, except in extenuating circumstances. These arrangements must be made in advance.


Classroom teachers are responsible for scheduling and supervising a recess period for their class at some time during the regular school day. This is at the teacher’s discretion.


Textbooks are an important part of the instructional program and are costly for HCSD. Please insist that your child takes care of those textbooks loaned to him/her for the year. The cost of any textbook deliberately damaged will be passed on to the parents/guardians.

Field Trips

Students will not be allowed to go on any field trips without written permission from their parents/guardians.  A universal permission slip will be sent home with students in September, and the classroom teacher will provide details regarding each field trip in advance.

For students who require the administration of medication during the course of a field trip, in the absence of the school nurse or the parent/guardian, a parent/guardian may authorize another adult to administer medication to their child (Education Law 6908). An authorization form is available through the school nurse.

Teachers will notify parents, in advance, if they are considering not allowing their child to attend a field trip due to behavioral concerns. Field trips are considered a privilege for students, and repeated bus or student conduct reports may result in a loss of this privilege.  Teachers will make arrangements for those students to continue their academics at school and those students should be sent to school on the day of the trip.

Chaperones are arranged by the classroom teacher. All chaperones must adhere to the same rules as the students, including no use of electronic devices during the trip.

Electronic Devices/Toys

Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones, music players, or any headset during the school day. These items are costly and therefore should remain at home. Any item that can be considered a toy (including cards and video games) should also be left at home unless they are being used for classroom purposes with the teacher’s consent.

If a student is found to be in possession of a cell phone, any electronic devices, or toys, the item may be taken from the student by a staff member and held at the school for a parent/guardian to pick up. HCSD is not responsible for the cost of lost or stolen items.

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